Granblue Fantasy Fallen Angel Wine Designed to Make You Feel Like a Villain

Granblue Fantasy Fallen Angel Wine

Video game developer Cygames and liquor company Kurand announced a collaboration to release a bottle of red wine based on the Fallen Angels from Granblue Fantasy. It is a red wine, and the foil embossed label depicts the insignia of the Fallen Angels. The wine bottle costs 6,600 JPY (roughly $48 USD), and it is scheduled to ship sometime in mid-April 2023. However, the wine is currently sold out. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The Granblue Fantasy Fallen Angel wine is a 2014 vintage sweet red wine. It has a a 10% alcoholic component, and it was manufactured by Katashimo Winery in Osaka. The bottle contains 720 milliliters of red wine, and it comes packaged in a black box with the Fallen Angel insignia engraved in a golden foil texture.

An engraved wine opener is included with the bottle as a purchase bonus. Pre-orders opened on March 8, 2023 in Japan. However, stock was limited and the bottle is currently sold out from the Kurand online store.

You can check out the Fallen Angel wine bottle and wine opener in more detail in the gallery below.

The Granblue Fantasy Fallen Angel wine is currently sold out. it is unknown if Kurand has plans to restock with more units. In other Granblue Fantasy-adjacent news, Anila was announced as the new character for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising.

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