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Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link Is Now Granblue Fantasy Relink And It Looks Great


Cygames had some news and footage to share for the upcoming PS4 action RPG by PlatinumGames, Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link, at Granblue Fes 2018 today, and it looks great.


Here’s some lengthy gameplay footage of the game, now officially titled Granblue Fantasy Relink:

An English version of Granblue Fantasy Relink’s official website is also live, and it comes with an additional look at some of its characters and screenshots:


Main Character


The hero sets out on a journey to explore the skies of Granblue Fantasy.



A young girl, shrouded in mystery, who holds the power to control primal beasts. The Erste Empire coveted this ability and captured her, secretly holding her captive for a number of years. That is until the guard assigned to protect her, Katalina, engineered her escape in the forests of Zinkenstill. There they encountered the hero, who was fatally wounded while attempting to protect Lyria. Sensing a life slipping away, Lyria linked her life force with the hero, binding their fates forevermore.


Vyrn – Little Red Dragon

Call him a navigator of destiny or your bestest pal, either way this little fellow has stuck with the hero through thick and thin and won’t let a little thing like a death-defying journey stop him now.


Katalina – Skybound Protector

Katalina once swore an oath of knighthood to the Erste Empire, but those days are behind her. Her knightly duty continues, though now in the service of protecting Lyria.


Rackam – Skybound Navigator

Helmsman of the Airship Grandcypher, he can be as untamed as the open skies.


Io – Skybound Dreamer

Don’t let her small size fool you. This young mage is eager to showcase her impressive talent. She vows to bring smiles to the world.


Eugen – Skybound Soldier

A veteran skyfarer whose regret is rivaled only by his combat prowess.


Rosetta – Skybound Watcher


A bystander whose roots are firmly planted in both the past and present.


Here’s a new batch of screenshots:


Granblue Fantasy Relink is in development for PlayStation 4.

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