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Gravity Rush 2 Director Talks Inspiration For Photo Mode And More



Gravity Rush 2 director Keiichiro Toyama discusses the new elements of the Gravity Rush sequel in an interview with Gamereactor at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show. Among the topics discussed are the mining mode, new city setting, and the inspiration behind the in-game photo feature.


Toyama shares that the photo mode is inspired by the fans of the original game, adding it has been crafted in response to the feedback they received to provide more interaction opportunities within the town. “In PS Vita, there is a screenshot function and people were taking screenshots and having photo contests. So, we thought that it would be interesting if we could make that into an in game function,” he explains.


On his vision for the new city in Gravity Rush 2, Toyama details how the setting differs from what players experienced in the previous game. “Hekseville was a city that was connected by a pillar, but this new town is floating in the sky. So, compared to Hekseville, it is more vertically long, and also there is a lot of variation inside the city as well. There are areas that have blue skies, but there are also areas that are very gloomy. So, I think that emphasis on diversity is something that is new in this city.”


The interview can be watched in full in the video below.



Gravity Rush 2 is scheduled for release in Europe on November 30, Japan on December 1, and North America on December 2, 2016 for PlayStation 4.

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