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Gravity Rush 2 Is Getting Its Free DLC With A Story Featuring Raven On March 21



Sony revealed back in December that Gravity Rush 2 is getting a free story-centric DLC featuring Raven and they’ve announced that we’re getting it on March 21, 2017.



The DLC story, Another Story: The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice will tell us more about Raven’s past and present. Series director Keiichiro Toyama previously mentioned that it’ll take place at the ending of the first game with the ark and children.





They originally had plans to have it be part of the main game, but didn’t want to have something that would confuse players who’ve yet to play the first game, so it was decided to have it be an optional story DLC instead. According to the director, players will get about five hours of gameplay by playing leisurely.




In this story, we’ll meet two rival characters. First is “Lumino the Guardian of Light” (pictured above) who is designed by Tatsuya Yoshikawa.




Next is “Tenebria the Guaridan of Darkness” who was was also designed by Tatsuya Yoshikawa.



In addition to the two characters, we’ll see the guys in the above image, known as the “Garbage Collectors the Space-Time Guardians.”



The extra Raven story won’t be the only thing we’re getting, as the DLC will also provide new challenges by increasing the max level for the Delvool Trench Mine to have it go from 30 to 50 along with the addition of more rare Talismans you get from there.


Gravity Rush 2 is available for PlayStation 4.

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