Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.8 Will Conclude the Story on PC in February

Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol 8

Frontwing confirmed that it will release Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.8 for PCs in February 2022. It also announced that Vol.8 will be the final volume that concludes the title’s long-running story. The visual novel will be available with Japanese and English subtitles.

Vol.8 will tell the story of a major war in the Grisaia universe. The US-Japanese joint anti-terror organization CIRS and the SORD (Social Ops, Research & Development) agency will team up to invade the headquarters of The Fatal Answer (TFA). The protagonist Haruto, Rena, and other Mihama Academy students trained to become SORD operatives, will also be present at the battlefield.

Grisaia Phantom Trigger is a series of visual novels that tell a new story after the FruitLabyrinth, and Eden of Grisaia. Frontwing released the first volume of Phantom Trigger in 2017. Despite the numbering, Vol.8 is technically the ninth volume in the series as the company released Vol.5.5 in the middle.

Frontwing has also been gradually releasing the Grisaia Phantom Trigger volumes on Nintendo Switch. The latest volume that has appeared on the platform to date is Vol.6 in September 2021. The visual novel publisher has yet to announce Switch ports for Vol.7 and the upcoming Vol.8.

Grisaia Phantom Trigger Vol.8 will be available for PCs via Steam on February 25, 2022.

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