Grookey Swings into the Build-a-Bear Pokemon Collection

Grookey Plush Swings into the Build-a-Bear Pokemon Collection

The grass monkey, that funky monkey, is available as a stuffed animal again. Build-a-Bear added a Grookey plush to its Pokemon collection. People can now find it both on the US and UK websites. It should also be showing up in retail stores as well. Online, it is only available in a $65/£52 bundle. However, if you get the stuffed to separately in a store, it will be $40/£32.

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As is common with these releases, the online bundle includes some additional, exclusive items. First, you get a Grookey plush that has a 5-in-1 sound chip inside of it. Pressing it makes it make its cries from the game and series. You also get two pieces of clothing to dress the character up. Both are nods to its nature as a grass-type Pokemon. There is a Leaf Shirt, as well as a Leaf Cape. If sold separately, each clothing item would cost $12.50/£10.

Here’s a closer look at the new Build-a-Bear plush. The character is wearing the leaf shirt in the image.
Grookey Swings into the Build-a-Bear Pokemon Collection

This marks the second Build-a-Bear Pokemon Sword and Shield starter plush. The first one was Scorbunny. Coincidentally, that also appeared in May. The fire-type showed up in stores in May 2021. The only one not represented at the moment is Sobble, the water-type.

People can get the Grookey plush at Build-a-Bear in North America and Europe immediately.

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