Guilty Gear Baiken, Dizzy, Ramlethal, and Sol Badguy Figures Announced

Guilty Gear Baiken, Dizzy, Ramlethal, and Sol Badguy Figures Announced

Multiple Guilty Gear figures were announced during the May 25, 2022 Guilty Gear Strive first anniversary stream. Not all of them are based on the characters’ appearances during that game, however. The Baiken, Ramlethal Valentine, and Sol Badguy ones will be based on their Guilty Gear Strive looks. The Dizzy one is inspired by her Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 appearance. In addition, the May figure’s prototype showed up during the show.

First, the Baiken Guilty Gear Strive statue is in the works at Union Creative. The company shared art alongside the announcement. This could suggest how the final figure will look. She will be a 1/6th scale figure. This means she could be about a foot tall.

Next, Prime 1 Studio is working on the Dizzy and Ramlethal Guilty Gear figures. Like Baiken, art appeared alongside both announcements. These will be 1/7th. This means they’ll be smaller than Baiken and probably around 8-9 inches tall.

As for the Sol Badguy, he’s in the works at Storm Collectibles. He’ll actually be an articulated action figure with accessories. A prototype picture of him appeared during the showcase. He’ll be a 1/10th size figure, so he’ll be around seven inches tall.
Guilty Gear Strive Sol Badguy

An update appeared for the Broccoli Guilty Gear Strive May figure too. Pre-orders for her will open on June 6, 2022. A painted prototype of the figure showed up during the first anniversary stream.
Guilty Gear Baiken, Dizzy, Ramlethal, and Sol Badguy Figures Announced May figure

Here’s the full Guilty Gear Strive first anniversary presentation. The figure announcements came up at the one hour and 37 minute mark.

Guilty Gear Strive is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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