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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R Upgrade Patch Coming to PS3 This Month


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Arc System Works has announced a patch for their fighting game Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus. The patch will upgrade the game to the latest version of Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus R currently installed in Japanese arcades.


Along with upgrading the game, the patch will also fix all bugs that have been discovered and improve usability.


Arc System Works has also given details surrounding the upgrade. The game will use a different title screen and interface, and the characters will be rebalanced. Kliff and Justice, who were illegal in tournaments, will be available as standard characters in Ranked Matches and Player Matches. In addition, you will be able to switch to the old version in the Game Settings screen. Ranking boards will also be available for both versions.


Details on Usability Improvements are:


  • When you enter the character select screen, the cursor will highlight the last character selected (only in Network Mode).


  • When you search for opponents online, the “Area” and “Connection Quality” settings will have stricter search conditions. Also, when you use a custom search for Ranked or Player Matches, the game will keep retrying until it finds an opponent (you can cancel the search at any time).


  • For Ranked Matches, the game will notify you when it finds an opponent by sound and controller vibration. Also, the pre-match preparation screen will include an icon indicating your connection quality. When your opponent leaves the session, it will be preserved.


  • For Player Matches, the game will notify you when a new player enters the room by sound and controller vibrations. When an opponent leaves the room, it will no longer dissolve.


The patch will be released for the PS3 sometime in the middle of August, while no date has been given for the Xbox 360 version.