H’aanit And Therion Get Full Introductions For Octopath Traveler

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Last week, H’aanit the hunter, and Therion the thief were introduced as two of the eight protagonists of Octopath Traveler, and a follow up report officially introduces the backstories of the two characters. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]





H’aanit (26 yrs old, female) is an ace hunter who lives in a village deep in the Woodland region. Her Master left the village one year ago to hunt a fiend nicknamed ‘Red Eye’, and she waits for her teacher’s return.


Until one day, when she meets a certain monster…


Path Action: Provoke

haanit 2 haanit 3


H’aanit can sic various beasts onto villagers or troublemakers to progress with the story or sidequests.



haanit 4


As a Hunter, H’aanit can hit multiple times using various Bow skills, and has high accuracy and has an easier time Breaking opponents. Hunters can also buff allies to have higher critical rates, or debuff enemies by slowing down their action speed.



therion 1


Therion (22 yrs old, male) is a thief with a secretive past who wanders into Cliffland. There are many rumors and tall tales surrounding Therion’s thieving capabilities, to the point where nobles and affluent people shake in their boots when they hear his name.


One day, Therion sneaks into a manor to steal as usual, but finds himself drawn into something bigger.


Path Command: Steal

therion 2 therion 3


Therion can steal various personal belongings from villagers, as well as key items that someone else might need, in order to finish quests.



therion 4


Therion’s Thief class is a classic rogue archetype, boasting high speed and quick strikes using his dagger. He can drain HP and SP from enemies, and debuff their attack and defense stats, making him a great ally for longer fights.


Other screenshots:

Here are some other screenshots that go over mainly what was shown in the trailer, such as Noble and Rogue path actions which have different benefits and drawbacks. Noble path actions usually have a 100% chance of succeeding, but may have costs such as when buying items off villagers. Meanwhile, Rogue path actions don’t have such restrictions, but might fail and cause the character’s reputation in town to lower.


The resolution to sidequests will also differ depending on which path action is used.


path action 1 path action 2

path action 3 path action 4

path action 5 path action 6

path action 7 path action 8

path action 9


Octopath Traveler releases worldwide on July 13, 2018 on Nintendo Switch.

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