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.hack//G.U. Last Recode Switch Trailer Features the Game’s First 16 Minutes

.hack//G.U. Last Recode Trailer

Bandai Namco has uploaded a .hack//G.U. Last Recode trailer, which focuses on the first 16 minutes of the Switch game. It features several key characters that will appear in the game and goes over certain events that set the story in motion. This includes characters like protagonist of the .hack//G.U. series Haseo, and major side characters like Sakaki and Atoli. The trailer lays a foundation for major story events. So, those looking to jump into the game with a completely fresh experience may want to avoid watching the Last Recode trailer.

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The trailer, which is actually the first 16 minutes of .hack//G.U. Last Recode, involves Sakaki and Haseo coming to a heated argument about “player killing” within The World. The video also contains several flashbacks, which features Haseo with a friend who looks similar to Atoli. At the end of the trailer, a major protagonist of the .hack//G.U. series is introduced.

You can watch the .hack//G.U. Last Recode opening movie trailer for the Nintendo Switch below.

.hack//G.U. Last Recode is a collection of all three PlayStation 2 titles. However, it also features an epilogue, which expands upon the ending of the games.

.hack//G.U. Last Recode will release worldwide for Nintendo Switch on March 10, 2022. It is immediately available on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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