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.hack//GU Last Recode Survey Asks Opinions on Series’ Future

.hack//GU Last Recode hack series survey last recode

Bandai Namco opened up a survey asking players for their opinions on hack//GU Last Recode, as well as the series as a whole. You will need a Bandai Namco ID to be able to access the question form. While the link to the questionnaire is via the series’s Japanese website, the survey is mostly in English so those who do not know Japanese can complete it as well. [Thanks, Rekka Alexiel!]

There are a few questions that did not get a translation. For example, the second question asks about player satisfaction on different aspects of the game. “Differences and additions from the previous game’s rules and game system” is on the list in Japanese rather than English. Number 12 asks you to tell Bandai Namco previous hack// games you’ve played, and number 13 asks what you like from the series. Number 14 asks where the series can improve, and lastly, number 15 asks which game you would like a remake for.

This survey focuses on hack//GU Last Recode, with open-ended questions to talk about other games in the series. It is not a new entry, but rather a remake of the hack//GU games from the PlayStation 2. It does have a new chapter, though. Aside from graphics and visuals differences, there are a few changes in the system as well. These include quality-of-life changes like shortcuts and sort features, as well as gameplay changes like restarting a battle from the beginning.

hack//GU Last Recode is available worldwide on the PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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