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Hajime No Ippo Takes Its First Step On PS3 With Some New Screenshots



The upcoming Hajime no Ippo game by Bandai Namco for PlayStation 3 is made to capture the feel of the manga with the intensity of the series’ dramatic boxing action. 4Gamer has new screenshots of the game.


Makunouchi Ippo:




006 007

Ippo will go with his “In-Fighter” style, and will close the gap between him and his opponents to deliver powerful point-blank blows. He’ll specialize in dealing multiple hits from close range to take out his rivals.


Ichiro Miyata:



009 010


012 013

Unlike  Ippo, Miyata is an “Out Boxer,” and as his nickname implies, the “Prince of Counters” will rely on his superbly timed counter attacks to KO opponents. Also known as the “Lightning God” for his speed, which he’ll show off in the game.


Takeshi Sendou:



015 016


018 019

Sendou, the “Naniwa Rocky” is a hard-hitting In-Fighter like Ippo, but focuses more on an offensive approach. His attacks pack quite the punch, and he plans to put it to good use along with his wide swings in the game.


Mamoru Takamura:



022 021


024 025

Takamura basically excels at everything—power, speed, toughness and technique. He’s a versatile fighter who can fight in or out. He might not have any finishing-blow moves, but all of his attacks are just as strong as any special attack. Looks like Ippo is going to feel those hits in the morning!


As previously reported, the game will follow the original storyline with full voice acting and comic-style cutscenes. Here’s a closer look:


026 027

028 029

030 031

032 033



There are numerous scenes like the ones shown above, in addition to some never-before-seen scenes:



036 037


039 040


Additionally, those who purchase first-print copies of the game will get a DLC code that lets you unlock special costumes for the four characters:



043 044 042 041

So far, the developers have revealed Mamoru Takamura as his lowered-hair version, but the others are still unknown for now.


Hajime no Ippo will release in Japan on December 11, 2014 for PlayStation 3.

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