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Hakoniwa Company Works’ Gameplay Trailer Focuses On Gathering And Crafting



    We previously learned about the different worlds, five classes, and many skills of Nippon Ichi Software’s tactical RPG, Hakoniwa Company Works, and this time we learn about gathering and crafting features.


    The video starts out with a look at how you’ll gather blocks and materials from around the world to expand on your home base. You can also break the blocks around the base to make your very own base of operations.


    In addition to making buildings, there’s a crafting system to make a variety of items. Similar to Minecraft and other builder games, you can place the blocks you’ve acquired as objects to make a building or walls, but these blocks are also used as ingredients to craft different items.


    You can use material to create different kinds of blocks, decoration items and furniture, weapons, and plenty more. By building homes for characters, you can further power them up by using interior decorations. Since these items come with different power-ups, it’ll be worth trying all kinds of items to power up your heroes.


    Moreover, you can turn buildings into facilities. For example, a house with 10 bookshelves becomes a library, a house with a bunch of meat in it becomes a BBQ shop, so there’s a lot of experimenting to do with the kinds of facilities you make.


    The trailer ends with a peek at different features such as recruiting allies, storage areas, postbox for requests, and more.


    Hakoniwa Company Works releases in Japan on July 13, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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