HAL Laboratory Teases New Kirby Merch and Original Games in 2021

4Gamer recently published a compilation of comments from Japanese developers discussing their plans for 2021 and among them was HAL Laboratory. Three directors from the company teased new Kirby games, merchandise, and events for the new year. The director of Part Time UFO even teased an original title for 2021. We have translated the information below.

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HAL Laboratory Kirby Fighters 2

Tadashi Kawai

Director at HAL Laboratory. Known for his work on Kirby Fighters 2, Super Kirby Clash, and Kirby Battle Royale.

We at HAL Laboratory will continue to deliver games in 2021 filled with three key values: surprise, fun, and warmth. Thank you very much.

Kawai also mentioned how much he enjoyed Ghost of Tsushima this year. In particular, he highlighted the visuals and story. Kawai is currently on his second playthrough.

HAL Laboratory Part Time UFO

Teruhiko Suzuki

Director at HAL Laboratory. Known for his work on Part Time UFO.

In 2021, I want to release another kind of weird game from HAL Egg! And please play Part-Time UFO! It’s a fun game that you’ll absolutely enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Suzuki also professed his love for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He said he plays daily for approximately two hours. As a reminder, HAL Egg is a fairly new off-shoot of HAL Laboratory that focuses on smartphone games. However, HAL Egg’s Part Time UFO did see a release and critical acclaim on the Nintendo Switch in 2020.

HAL Laboratory Kirby Fighers 2 UI

Yumi Todo

Director at HAL Laboratory. Known for her work on Kirby Fighters 2 and Super Kirby Clash.

We’ll keep working hard on our goal in 2021. That is, for as many people as possible to enjoy Kirby [games]. We have plans not only for games but also for merchandise, books, and a variety of events like with the Kirby Cafe. We hope you’ll continue to support both Kirby and HAL Laboratory in 2021!

Additionally, Todo recommended the recently released Kirby Fighters 2. She highlighted just how much content is in the game, from the story to the online modes, and encouraged players of all skill levels to check out the demo. Todo said it’s a great party game for new year’s celebrations.

HAL Laboratory’s most recent games, Kirby Fighters 2 and Part Time UFO, are available digitally on the Nintendo Switch. The latter is also available on iOS and Android devices. You can check out our other coverage of 2021 plans from developers at Koei Tecmo, as well.

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