Half-Life 2: The point-and-click adventure


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Iris, a brilliant piece of adventure gaming propaganda generally available here, must have been quite an inspiration to many a Half-Life 2 modding team. Not only was it (presumably) the first point and clicker for Valve’s brilliant game and one of the many quirky HL2 mods, but also an obvious influence to the forthcoming and still hiring 5 Days A Stranger mod. Name sounds familiar? Well, it should, as 5 Days A Stranger the Mod is a 3D remake of 5 Days A Stranger the Brilliant Acclaimed Indy Freeware Adventure, which you too could easily experience yourselves.


5 Days A Stranger, a story -and of course a mod- about a burglar trapped with four other people inside a particularly deadly mansion, will hopefully be as impressive a Source-powered thingy as it gets. According to the developers it will feature:


* Intuitive adventure game interface integrated with modern first person navigation

* Tense supernatural mystery: Your survival depends on your wits, lateral thinking and courage

* 5 Days of Horror: The DeFoe manor changes and reacts to your actions and those of the game characters over five days

* High detail ‘live’ environments, using the Source engine: Highly interactive, highly immersive

* Dynamically shot conversations: More than two bloody camera angles!

* Professional Voice Acting – Acquiring the services of professional voice talent & recording

* English ghost story setting – but with ‘slasher’-style villain

* Expanded storyline with beginning, middle AND satisfying end!


Learn more on the project (or get yourself into the dev team) here