Half-Minute Hero’s Director Gives Us A Breather With 100 Turn Hero Instead


Do you have fond memories of trying to figure out how you’ll save the world in just 30 seconds in Half-Minute Hero? The good news is that game designer Kotaro Yoshida is back with a new game come January 2014 that’s promising to be just as frantic, frenetic and hopefully hilarious with 100 Turn Hero.


Don’t be too shocked that this is a game intended for the iOS, though, as he’s already put out quite a few iOS games beforehand in the same pixel-art cutesy style his studio’s now known for. Famitsu.com brings us a few details.


While we don’t know how exactly it will play, it will most certainly revolve around the mechanics you can see in the title in some way, true to how Yoshida’s always named and made his games.


There’s an indication, for instance, that your hero will only have 100 attacks to defeat the big bad monster of each stage, so you’ll want to plan how to fight foes in order to do the requisite leveling and gearing up that his games tend to rely on. Only 100 attacks? Against that army of monsters invading the kingdom in the screenshot above? IMPOSSIBLE! Yet, we still managed to finish Half-Minute Hero just fine…


100 Turn Hero will be out on iOS January 17th 2014 and costs just 100 yen ($1).