Hands On God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta



In the E3 demo, God of War: Ghost of Sparta starts on a ship with spear-bearing enemies climbing on board. Kratos can cut them down with the same Blades of Chaos moves. The demo prompts players with the controls, just in case someone wasn’t familiar with the series. Kratos can grab these guys and rip them apart with the run and grab move from God of War III. These enemies can also grab Kratos. If you get caught, you have to mash L and R to make Kratos break free.


After the intro, a monster entangles the ship with its tentacles! Kratos has to cut them off. Weak, but fast swipes work well here, especially because other enemies are around. When Kratos cuts off the lead tentacle the monster reveals itself – it’s Scylla.


Ready of Dawn designed Scylla with tentacles coming out of torso. It whips these at Kratos and slams the ground with its hand if Kratos gets too close. Scylla is too high to hit, though. You have to wait for it to lower its head. Then you can leap up (double jumps work best) and get in a few hits before it retaliates. You could dodge the tentacles, but I found it was easier to block. When blocking Kratos didn’t take any damage and the tentacle smacks only pushed Kratos back a little. A dozen slashes of later, I stunned the Scylla, jumped on a platform, mashed a button to turn a wheel, and started a quick time event where Kratos clawed into the beast with the Blades of Chaos.


The demo continued with an underwater area. Kratos can swim and ram into walls, just like the console God of War games.

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