Hardcore Mecha

Hardcore Mecha Will Mech Its Way to the Switch in October 2020

Rocket Punch Games announced that the mecha action game Hardcore Mecha will be making its way onto the Nintendo Switch in October 2020. The game first released on PCs in 2019, and then launched on the PlayStation 4 in January 2020.

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In Hardcore Mecha, you play as Tarethur, a mercenary whose mission is to find a missing intelligence officer on Mars. There are over eight chapters in the game, with cutscenes telling the story and and bosses to fight. However, another big element of the game is the multiplayer. There online battles and up to 4-player split screen offline combat. The game features mecha that are inspired by various different Japanese mechs, like the Super Robot genre, Real Robot, and some transforming ones.

 Hardcore Mecha was originally crowdfunded via Kickstarter as Code: Hardcore, but later changed its name during development. The game has been steadily getting updates since it launched.

Publishing for the Nintendo Switch version is being handled by Lightning Games digitally and physically worldwide, while Game Source Entertainment will be releasing physical versions of the game on the Nintendo Switch in Asia and Japan.

Hardcore Mecha is available on the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. The game will release on the Nintendo Switch in October 2020.

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