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Hardcore Mecha Will Pierce the Heavens With a Gurren Lagann Collaboration


Hardcore Mecha, the 2D mecha action title developed by RocketPunch Games, is piercing new horizons with a collaboration with one of the Japanese mecha genre classics: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Rocket Punch Games revealed this week that the titular Gurren Lagann will be making an appearance in the game as part of a future update.

Here’s a look at the key visual for the collaboration below:

Hardcore Mecha Gurren Lagann

Back in 2016, Hardcore Mecha was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter thanks to the appeal of its speedy mecha action gameplay and Super Robot Wars-esque visuals. In hindsight, it isn’t surprising that the developers were able to score a collaboration. Hardcore Mecha director Louiky posted on Twitter, saying that he feels as if the team has still only taken their first step towards realizing their dreams. He is very pleased to be able to collaborate with one of the anime series that inspired him.

He also shared a screenshot of how Gurren Lagann will look in-game, scaled alongside two of the game’s original mecha.

Hardcore Mecha Gurren Lagann

Considering that every mecha in the game has special moves, Gurren Lagann will likely be able to use some of its signature attacks, such as the powerful Giga Drill Break. More information on the collaboration is set to be revealed later on.

Hardcore Mecha is available on PC via Steam and PlayStation 4. The game also will release on Nintendo Switch on October 15, 2020.

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