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Harvest Moon: One World DLC Adds New Love Interests, Tool Upgrades, and Locations

Natsume confirmed there will be Harvest Moon: One World DLC. The add-ons will be available separately or via a season pass. Most of them are smaller, $2.99 add-ons that do things like offer tool upgrades or new animals. However, there will be a larger $12.99 expansion that adds two new Harvest Moon: One World love interests and a new area.

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The $2.99 packs are the Interior Design & Tool Upgrade Pack, Mythical Wild Animals Pack, and Precious Pets Pack. The Interior Design & Tool pack includes one more upgrade level for the axe, fishing rod, hammer, hoe, and watering can. (Typically, in farming games like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and Story of Seasons, all tool upgrade levels are included and can be earned in-game.) It will also let you change the inside of your house so it has a castle, farm, spaceship, starlight, or steampunk theme. That will show up on March 2, 2021.

The two animal packs will appear when spring comes. First, the Precious Pets will appear in April 13, 2021 and offer 12 more domesticated animals like dogs, cats, and horses. The Mythical Wild Animals Pack will show up on May 4, 2021 and add 10 more animals. These will be ones you’ll see in the wild. While the announcement didn’t mention if dragons or unicorns will be among the new creatures, it did allude to “chocolate mint tigers” and “lava rabbits.” This suggests they could offer variants of existing in-game animals.

Finally, there is the Far East Adventure Pack. This is the largest piece of Harvest Moon: One World DLC and will appear on March 23, 2021. People who get it will be able to romance the new love interests Sana and Shogen when they visit the new town, Wagashi. There will also be new animals, crops, and quests.

As one might expect, the season pass is the cheaper of the two options. If someone would buy each piece of Harvest Moon: One World DLC alone, it would cost $21.96 before tax. The pass costs $14.99.

Harvest Moon: One World will come to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on March 2, 2021 in the Americas and March 5, 2021 in Europe. It is also in development for the Xbox One.

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