Heading to the VC: Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa…wait, what?



The OFLC website has listings for three new Virtual Console games, and the most interesting among them is Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa for the NES. This strangely named, import only platformer casts you as a baby named Upa who attacks enemies with a rattle. Strange, huh? Kind of reminds me of an unlicensed NES game I played several years ago called Baby Boomer. Interesting story about this one: It was never released in the US, officially, even though it was slated to at one point. However, Nintendo's Howard Phillips shot the game down, claiming that it wasn't good enough for the US market. Come on, Howard…This game might not be the best ever, but could it be any worse than The Legend of Kage, Super Pitfall, or Deadly Towers? Somehow, I doubt it. The game was, however, released in the US on an unlicensed pirate cart, called "Mario Baby".


Also rated by the OFLC are Gley Lancer and Super Turrican 2. Gley Lancer is a shmup for the Genesis that features a surprisingly deep storyline for a game of it's genre. And Super Turrican 2 is, well, a sequel to Super Turrican. As always, the OFLC ratings don't mean that the games will be hitting the US Virtual Console, but it does make it that much more likely. But I've gotta say…Konami, why this and not, say, Parodius? America NEEDS it's first official taste of the Parodius games.