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Heart&Slash Is A Brawler About Making A Robot Love You



Heart wishes to capture the attention of rough veteran robot Slash as she fights the mindless machines of 3D brawler Heart&Slash, which will be releasing on PS4 and Xbox One on June 24. 




Previously available on Steam Early Access, Heart&Slash has players beating on machines as Heart. Each run will be different, as the game randomizes the stages, weapons, and secrets.




Heart can be customized with weapons and equipment the player finds while beating up robots across the game’s three worlds. Death is permanent for Heart during the game, but players will unlock helpful things with the game’s persistent progression system.




Players can also make choices at certain points in the game that will affect Heart’s relationship with Slash. To woo Slash, players will have to decide how they wish to get closer to the gruff robot, making decisions that will either change Heart or find some means that will let their mechanical love story thrive.




The Steam version of Heart&Slash will also be leaving Early Access sometime in August.

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