Enjoying Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate? Then, perhaps you’re wondering what to get as a present for your buddy who really, really loves Hitomi. (Of course it wouldn’t be for you… of course not.)


Why not check out the sun-drenched, beach swimsuit goodness of the Dead or Alive girls in this limited production run set? GameCity is selling B2 wall scrolls of the girls all ready to head for the water and sun – You can choose between Kasumi, Ayane, Hitomi, Kokoro (who wins best swimsuit in my books) or Lei Fang.




Book fast—once they run out that’s it. The scrolls can be had for 3,500 yen each (About US$35) before shipping, and you’ll probably want to order it before the 4th of November when it goes on sale. You can buy it here.


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