PlayStation 4

Heavy Rain Is Headed To PlayStation 4 On March 1 In North America



Heavy Rain makers Quantic Dream announced the release dates for the PlayStation 4 version of Heavy Rain, along with the Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls collection.


North America will get Heavy Rain only as a digital release via PSN on March 1st, while Latin American territories will get the collection title on disc along with Heavy Rain on PSN on March 1st.


Europe, Australia, and New Zealand will get the Heavy Rain & Two Souls Collection on disc on March 2nd and March 4th for the UK. Heavy Rain will also be available on PSN digitally on the same dates.


And finally, Asia (except Japan) is getting the Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls PS4 discĀ  bundle, along with the PSN release on March 2nd. More details on the Japanese release will be announced on a later date.

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