Helltaker Adds a Bonus Anniversary Chapter

Helltaker Anniversary

Helltaker, a free puzzle game created by solo indie developer Ɓukasz Piskorz, turned a year old on May 11, 2021, and received a brand-new free anniversary update to celebrate. The new update takes the form of a new set of chapters and puzzles.

Helltaker sends the titular character off on a quest into Hell to gather his own harem of demon girls. To do so, he’s forced through a harrowing gauntlet of block-pushing puzzles and fun conversations with cute hellspawn wearing suits, drawn in Piskorz’s art style. The game also features music from the artist Mittsies.

Based on the content of the Helltaker anniversary bonus stages, it looks like Hell’s gone thorough a change of ownership and a shuffling of roles in the the last year. At least, if Lucifer’s demotion from CEO of Hell to “The Maid Demon” are any indication. Players must take on the form of the “Examtaker” and survive a gauntlet of tests run by a new girl, Loremaster, the Science Demon. Or is she?

Helltaker and its anniversary update are immediately available on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs for free. In addition, Good Smile Company has opened preorders for a Nendoroid figure based on Lucifer.

Josh Tolentino
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