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Help Decide Name for Silent Hill: The Short Message Monster

Konami is holding an official poll on its Silent Hill Twitter (X) account to decide the name for the new monster in Silent Hill: The Short Message. You can choose between four names.

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The four choices are Cherry Blossom Monster, Sakura Creature, Sakura Head, and Sakura Body. There is also a Tweet below the poll that shows a picture of the creature for those who may have forgotten it. Masahiro Ito, the designer of the monster and other creatures in the Silent Hill series, retweeted this poll and asked, “What would Anita, the protagonist, call it?”

Incidentally, the famous Pyramid Head has the official name of “Red Pyramid Thing,” which is what James calls him when he first sees him. So whatever the “official” name is for the sakura monster is what Anita would personally use. The monster from Silent Hill: The Short Message has sakura blossoms completely covering its head and crotch area. It has bare legs, and you can’t really see its hands due to the long sleeves of its white sweater.

There are wires all over its torso, head, forearms, and wrists. You can watch an interview with Masahiro Ito here about how he designed this creature. Silent Hill: The Short Message follows a girl named Anita, who searches for clues about her missing friend Maya in an abandoned apartment complex. The game focuses not only on the mystery of what happened to Maya but also on Anita’s own past and traumas.

Silent Hill: The Short Message is free to download for the PS5.

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