Help A Witch Make Everyone Happy With Plants In Himawari’s Garden



A garden witch has her work cut out for her in Himawari’s Garden, a game about making forest denizens and creatures happy by helping grow the plants they love.


Players are given a variety of seeds they can plant throughout a colorful wood. These varied seeds can be grown into all manner of plants that will grow, reproduce, expand, and decay all on their own once the player chooses where to plant them. Each plant has its own patterns on how it carries out each of these actions, so players will steadily get to know their suite of possible plants and how the act, allowing them to better plan how their garden grows around them.

Players can create some lovely selections of plants on their own, but the forest creatures around them have specific desires of their own. These beings require specific plants, and it is a garden witch’s duty to fulfill them, adding some challenge to the player’s plant planning. To get these gardens just right, players will need to know their plants well, and place their seeds in just the right way to get the correct plants to pop up how the monsters want them to.


Himawari’s Garden is currently in development, with a demo available through

Alistair Wong
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