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Here Are All the Clockie Characters in Honkai: Star Rail

While much of Penacony’s history in Honkai: Star Rail has been lost to time and revisionists, the Clockie cartoons that everyone loves have preserved the true lore in their characters and plot. Each character has a “real-life” counterpart that we learn about in the game, and this guide will provide a comprehensive list of those connections.

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Clockie is a very popular cartoon series that the Watchmaker created. According to the flavor text and NPCs in the game, there are over 10,000 episodes, as well as multiple movies and other spin-offs. There are a lot of hardcore Clockie fans you can encounter throughout the multiple layers of Penacony in Honkai: Star Rail, as well as an entire theme park dedicated to the characters. It has a very retro rubber hose art style that is similar to old cartoons in the real world.

While a lot of NPCs seem to treat Clockie as nothing more than mindless entertainment, we know from critical thinking, as well as direct hints from more informed characters, that Clockie is actually the Watchmaker’s way of preserving the true story of Penacony’s creation and history. Even The Family tries to censor some of the stories in the Dreamjoy Memoir event. So who are all of the characters in Clockie, really? While we do explicitly learn the identities of some characters, others are more open to interpretation or guesswork. More characters may appear as well as the game continues and fleshes out Penacony’s lore.

Here are the (Known) True Identities of All Clockie Characters in Honkai: Star Rail

  • Armchair Boy: Granholm
  • Boss Stone: The IPC
  • Butterflies: Lampmoth Family
  • Buzzflies: The Swarm
  • Captain Revolver: Tiernan
  • Clockie: The Watchmaker
  • Cowboys: Dreamchasers
  • Crocodile Traders:
  • Crybabies: Mourning Actors
  • Hamster Ball Knight: Hamz
  • Hanu: Hanunue
  • Masked Clowns: Masked Fools
  • Master Hat: Falcon Amundsen
  • Mirror Princess: Razalina
  • Miss Note: Maeven and the Iris Family
  • Mr. Soda: Mr. Sousa
  • Old Man Wood: Gopher Wood and the Oak Family
  • Origami Birds: Joey, Vaughn, Barlow, Fischer, and Orla of the Nightingale Family
  • Professor Owl: Glaux
  • Scammer Cup: History Fictionologists
  • Shopkeeper Leaf: The Alfalfa Family
  • Sister Wildflower: Asna

Honkai: Star Rail is now available on the PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices.

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