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Here are the Best Weapons for Ganyu in Genshin Impact

Just because Ganyu has amazing base stats in Genshin Impact does not mean that you can slack off on her weapons. Fortunately, there are a wide number of bows – both rare ones and readily available ones – that you can put on her to boost her natural firepower (icepower?). Because she is relatively easy to build and can get away with a middling Crit Rate if you have the right Artifacts on her, Ganyu is a fantastic character for players of all levels to have.

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Weapons that you can consider putting on your Ganyu include:

Amos’ Bow

As per usual, a character’s signature weapon is their best one, and Ganyu is no different. Ganyu is a squishy little gal and she does not noramlly benefit from a dedicated shielder. Amos’ Bow increases the damage of her Charged Attack every 0.1 seconds the arrow remains in the air. It also takes into account the double hit from her Frostflake Arrow. So this bow pairs really well with how you should play your Ganyu if she’s your main attacker.

Polar Star

Polar Star is Childe’s signature weapon, but it’s crazy good for all DPS bow users. It passively increases the damage from her Skill and Burst. You also gain stacks that greatly increase her ATK whenever you hit an enemy with a Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Elemental Skill, or Elemental Burst. The Crit Rate sub-stat is a bit unfortunate depending on your Artifacts. But if you run a Freeze comp team such as Morgana, this is a fantastic bow.

Aqua Simulacra

Yelan’s signature weapon is also a great general DPS bow. It increases the damage you deal by 20%, and its sub stat is Crit DMG. So even if you use it as a stat stick on Ganyu, it’s more than fine. Another benefit to the Aqua Simulacra is that Ganyu does not need to be on the field to get the damage boost. So let’s say she’s the sub-DPS in a Freeze comp. Her Skill and Burst will still have that damage bonus even if someone else is active.

Blackcliff Warbow

The Blackcliff Warbow is a cheap and easily accessible weapon that works great in conjunction with Ganyu’s low Crit Rate needs. As a 4-star weapon, it obviously does not have as major a Crit DMG passive boost as, say, Aqua Simulacra. But it’s easier for most players to get, since you can find it in Paimon’s Bargains every other month. Blackcliff Warbow’s effect is fairly situational. But even if you’re fighting against single enemies, it’s a phenomenal stat stick.

Windblume Ode

The Windblume Ode was a limited weapon that you could only obtain from the Invitation of Windblume event way back in Version 1.4. Since its main use is its Elemental Mastery sub stat, you can get away with The Stringless as well. While Ganyu’s own damage potential will heavily decrease as a result of putting EM weapons on her, she is a great Cryo applier in a Melt or Freeze comp with her Burst.

Prototype Crescent

The Prototype Crescent is also a great DPS bow for Ganyu, and it’s more readily available than the Blackcliff Warbow. You can forge it in-game so it’s easy to refine. Unlike all of the other bows on this list, the Prototype Crescent does require player skill. This is because you will not get the ATK or Movement Speed Bonus unless your Charged Attack hits an enemy’s weak point (such as a Hilichurl’s mask). Its sub stat is ATK %, so you will have to increase Ganyu’s Crit DMG through her Artifacts, so you should choose whether you equip Prototype Crescent or Blackcliff Warbow depending on that.

Genshin Impact is readily available for the PS4, PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. Players can only pull for Ganyu when the Adrift in the Harbor Character Event Wish is live in Genshin Impact.

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