What Are the Fire Emblem Engage Fell Xenologue Rewards?

Here Are the Fire Emblem Engage Fell Xenologue Rewards

Once you beat all of the chapters of the Fire Emblem Engage Fell Xenologue, players get a number of rewards all at once. Some of them are the five additional playable characters. Two allow you to change to the new Enchanter and Mage Cannoneer classes. However, there are also a number of other items you earn for your efforts.

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Editor’s Note: There are spoilers for the characters and items you earn as rewards for completing the Fire Emblem Engage Fell Xenologue DLC below.

The first things you’ll get for beating the DLC are the playable Four Winds characters based on the Four Hounds you see in the main campaign. After seeing a cutscene, you’ll be informed that Gregory (Griss), Madeline (Marnie), and Zelestia (Zephia) are now a part of your army.

After that cutscene, a second one will play. Once finished, you’ll see a message noting that Nel and her brother Rafal (Nil) are a part of your crew.

Once all that is done, you’ll be taken to the Somniel proper. You’ll then see an update window notifying you of the other rewards you earned for beating the Fire Emblem Engage Fell Xenologue DLC.

Here’s the full list of items:

  • 1 Dexterity Tonic
  • 1 HP Tonic
  • 1 Mage Cannon (Mage Cannoneer class item)
  • 1 Magic Blast (Mage Cannoneer equipment)
  • 1 Master Seal
  • 1 Mystic Satchel (Enchanter class item)
  • 1 Second Seal
  • 1 Speed Tonic
  • 1 Strength Tonic
  • 1 Venom Blast (Mage Cannoneer equipment)
  • 2 Standard Blasts (Mage Cannoneer equipment)
  • 3 Adept Books
  • 3 Expert Books
  • 3 Novice Books

What Are the Fire Emblem Engage Fell Xenologue Rewards?

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch, as is the Fell Xenologue DLC.

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