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How to Unlock the Enchanter and Mage Cannoneer in Fire Emblem Engage

There are two new class items to unlock in Fire Emblem Engage Fell Xenologue DLC, and they are the Enchanter and Mage Cannoneer. However, you don’t immediately get access to items to class change into each one. Rather, you need to beat the DLC to acquire them. However, if you want more than one of each in your army, it can get expensive.

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How to unlock the Enchanter and Mage Cannoneer in Fire Emblem Engage

Basically, you need to beat all six chapters of Fell Xenologue. You get one of each class change item as a reward for finishing this extra campaign. That means one Enchanter’s Mystic Satchel and one Mage Cannoneer’s Mage Cannon.

However, both also unlock at the in-game item shop once cleared, with people able to buy an unlimited number of them if they have the money. These are very expensive items. With a Silver Card that gives a 30% shop discount, the Mystic Satchel is 28,000G and the Mage Cannon is 63,000G. Without, it is 40,000G for the Mystic Satchel and 90,000G for the Mage Cannoneer.

The Enchanter uses arts and daggers in Fire Emblem Engage. It also involves effects with weapons and items. Its level 5 skill is Convoy, which lets the unit access item storage, just like someone can The Mage Cannoneer uses its cannon special weapon.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch, as is the Fell Xenologue DLC.

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