How to Get the Fire Emblem Engage Silver Card DLC

How to Get the Fire Emblem Engage Silver Card DLC

When someone gets the initial batch of Fire Emblem Engage DLC in the Expansion Pass, they may notice a Silver Card is mentioned. However, when the in-game items are given out via a notice, it won’t be there. Turns out, you need to work for this extra item. In order to pick one up and get your 30% off armory and item shop discount, you need to make a quick detour when taking part in Tiki’s Divine Paralogue: Dragon Temple DLC map.

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How to Get the Fire Emblem Engage Silver Card in the Tiki DLC.

Okay, the map is honestly trying to set you up for success here. Remember how, near the second Sigil that unlocks the door to Tiki, there are Warp and Rescue staffs in the chest? Well, you need to use them to get that Silver Card! If you look to the right of that room, you’ll see a little pond with something glittering on the ground next to it. If you move the cursor over to look, it will show up as a series of question marks.

What you need to do is get that character with the Rescue and Warp staves and the person you’re going to teleport over to the entrance to the room where the first Sigil and single chest appeared. Once there, use the Warp Staff to teleport that person to the single space below the western corner of the room. Once teleported, that character can then walk/fly/gallop over to the glittering mark. There’s no “pick up” action once you get there. Instead, just have the person you sent “wait” in position. When you do, you’ll get a notice of “Silver Card obtained.”

A brief tutorial will come up once you get the Silver Card in Fire Emblem Engage. It notes that the 30% off discount only applies at the armory and item shop. You can’t get a discount when forging items at the Smithy or Boutique.

What happens if you missed it when you were there? Well, you need to wait for a Skirmish to show up. This can happen after Alear rests or after you go through other campaign battles, Paralogues, or Skirmishes. It won’t show up there during a Recall fight. Again, make sure you have someone with a Warp Staff or the Celica Emblem equipped is there.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch, and the Silver Card DLC is part of the $29.99 Expansion Pass.

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