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How to Unlock the Tiki DLC in Fire Emblem Engage

How to Unlock the Tiki DLC in Fire Emblem Engage

Getting Tiki in Fire Emblem Engage isn’t as easy as acquiring the Three Houses Emblem bracelet DLC. That is because you actually need to fight to acquire her. The Emblem of Rivals Bracelet is easily picked up after purchasing the Expansion Pass by going to Lookout Ridge after completing Chapter 4 and seeing the “something was found at Lookout Ridge” notification when heading to the Somniel. So, here’s a quick walkthrough on how to find Tiki and reach her during her Divine Paralogue.

First, you need to have completed the Paralogue at the Bandit’s Hideout to recruit Anna after the Paralogue: Mysterious Merchant in Fire Emblem Engage to reach the Tiki DLC. Once you do, you’ll see a new path on the map leading to some islands below Firene. When you’re on the world map, just head west from the Bandit Hideout location. You’ll automatically be taken to the Divine Paralogues DLC location for the first time. After being here once, you can fast travel to it from, say, the Somniel by choosing Travel from the menu and selecting “To Divine Paralogues.”

How to Unlock the Tiki DLC in Fire Emblem Engage

Tiki’s is the first one in this new area, and you can find her at Divine Paralogue: Dragon Temple. This is a fairly substantial map with some unusual mechanics. Tiki will be in a room with a door barring entry to it. You must send characters to Divine Sigils in other rooms to unlock it. So the first Divine Sigil directly north of the entrance to her temple unlocks a door to the West. There’s one chest next to it with 2,000G. Ice is all around on the floor, and will spring up more after clearing Sigils, adding +2 movement for all units. The second Sigil is in a room with two chests containing Rescue and Warp Staves. Placing a unit on that Sigil will unlock Tiki’s room. Be forewarned that once you unlock doors with Sigils, the enemies in those rooms will start charging your party and won’t just wait for you to arrive and attack. Also, after you’re inside the castle, more reinforcements like dragons will arrive every turn.

How to Unlock the Tiki DLC in Fire Emblem Engage

After you beat Tiki, she’ll then join your Fire Emblem Engage army as your second DLC bracelet. Before she does, you’ll see a bit of dialogue with her and Alear, as well as a brief chat with her and her beloved Mar-Mar. Once the map is done, you can also have a chance of finding an Elusian Cat, Vervain Deer, and White Elyosian Dog to adopt.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch, and the Expansion Pass that adds Tiki and Three Houses Emblems as DLC is $29.99.

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