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Here Are The First Four Jobs You Can Play As In Dragon’s Dogma Online



    While Dragon’s Dogma Online will eventually be three times larger than Dragon’s Dogma and will likely add several new jobs, the official website shares a look at the four starting jobs, along with details on what they’re all about.



    dragons-dogma-online_150212-1 dragons-dogma-online_150212-2

    Fighters are well-balanced in both attack and defense. Using their sword and shield, they excel in counter moves in close quarters. They’re characterized by their sense of stability and balance.



    Using speed to get closer to their enemies, the Fighters can pull off powerful attacks. They can also easily knock away smaller targets.



    dragons-dogma-online_150212-4 dragons-dogma-online_150212-5

    Hunters are the snipers of Dragon’s Dogma Online, as they specialize in attacking from a distance with precise shooting. They can support using special arrows, and also help taking down strong enemies by hitting their weak spots.



    In addition to being able to take out flying enemies with little trouble, Hunters are also agile, and can use this to their advantage while closing in on enemies.



    dragons-dogma-online_150212-7 dragons-dogma-online_150212-8

    Priests are all about healing and supporting the party. They can use magic to hold back enemies from mid to long-ranges, while enhancing themselves and party members. Most of their action will take place away from enemies.


    dragons-dogma-online_150212-9In addition to heals and support, Priests can also use magic shots against enemies, as a way to fend for themselves as well.


    Shield Sage:

    dragons-dogma-online_150212-10  dragons-dogma-online_150212-12

    The Shield Sages are characterized by their huge shields, which they use to protect themselves from just about any attack out there. They also use it as a way to knock back enemies, along with a rod to use some magic attacks.



    For the most part, Shield Sages will use their shield to block enemies and attack when there’s an opening. Their absolute defense with the shield will provide party members with more opportunities to get attacks in.


    Dragon’s Dogma Online will release in Japan sometime in 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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