Here Are Three Super Mario Maker 2 Video Game Reproductions

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Just like the original Super Mario Maker, one of the popular types of stage creations involves the reproduction of various stages and games across the history of video games. The crux of course lies in the quality of these stages, but there are some surprisingly neat stages around that do a great job at reproducing the recognizable features of the games.


Here are three popular ones that we’ve enjoyed:

Super Castlevania Bros. (5WW-0MF-TMF)

castlemario 2

castlemario 3 castlemario 4

Like its name implies, this is a reproduction of Castlevania, although there are various elements that seem inspired across the entire series. Mario starts off at a drawbridge, and must fend off zombie Dry Bones while making his way across the treacherous areas. Near the top, you must fend off Shaft/Death Kamek, then climb up the dangerous clock tower in order to have a chance at facing off against Dracula Bowser.

Apart from recreating features like the top/bottom choice in Stage 1 of Castlevania, the clock tower area makes inspired use of the crane arms to simulate the swinging pendulums from various games, and a fireball-spewing Bowser fits the role of Count Dracula perfectly.


Super Metroid Mario (XDS-MBB-PXF)

metroid mario 1 metroid mario 2

metroid mario 3 metroid mario 4

While Metroid has always been a popular target to reproduce in Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Maker 2’s ability to make vertical sub-areas fits the series perfectly. Aside from a charming gunship, players get to experience Samus losing her abilities once more, before earning them back one room at a time, facing off against Mother Brain feat. Bowser, and them escaping the planet up the way you came.

This particular one earns respect because of the ways it uses unconventional objects like music blocks to represent High Jump, rather than stick to equipping Mario with everything he can wear at once. In particular Star Mario spins when jumping, and looks particularly like Samus when doing so.


Wii Sports (SSF-VGD-T2G)

wii sports 1

wii sports 2

wii sports 3 wii sports 4

While it’s quite popular to reproduce games that were already platformers, this takes a stab at reproducing the famous Wii Sports pack-in game that everyone who’s played the Wii has most likely tried. You need to collect three 1-Up Mushrooms in order to clear the stage, but the stage actually offers five different sports, between Tennis, Boxing, Bowling, Golf, and Baseball.

The creator has used various contraptions like a crane holding a spring to simulate a golf club, shells and Bullet Bill cannons to serve as racquets and balls, and Baseball is a quick race to home base before the “ball” catches up and strikes you out. There is also a hidden secret that you might need to search a bit to find. All this shows how much effort has been put into the stage, especially doing all five Wii Sports instead of just three.


Super Mario Maker 2 is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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