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Here Are What Event Scenes Look Like In Dragon’s Crown


We previously reported that Dragon’s Crown, will have downloadable content that will allow players to customize the narration voice with any of the game’s six playable characters. The Japanese version will also feature an optional English narration. Atlus shares more info, along with a peek at a short event movie.


The default Japanese narrator is the voice of Takashi Taniguchi, who recently passed away last year shortly after finishing the recording for Dragon’s Crown. In addition, there will also be an English narration option. The voices of the six playable characters can be downloaded through the PSN Store, but they can also be unlocked by meeting certain conditions in-game, for those of you who’d rather find a way to do it on your own.



There will be all kinds of dungeons in Dragon’s Crown,which also means all sorts of traps and hidden rooms. The above video gives us a glimpse at what they call a Dungeon Gimmick, which is basically any kind of trap waiting to take the lives of the adventurers. Atlus also mentions that there will be magic carpets to help players reach high areas with ease, and giant golems that can be rented to help fighting against powerful foes.


Here’s a video that gives us a short look at what event scenes will look like in Dragon’s Crown.



“As you search the unknown labyrinth, you will undoubtedly encounter many. These are the encounters that shall lead to further adventures… Welcome.”


For those of you who’d like to know more, you can check out Spencer’s recent Dragon’s Crown play impression from E3, here.


Dragon’s Crown is slated for released on August 6th in North America for PlayStation 3 and Vita.

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