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Here’s A Look At What Mugen Souls Z’s G Castle Has To Offer



Being an undisputed God with the task of conquering twelve worlds can be quite tiresome. Here’s a look at the G Castle, where you’ll get to relax in the hot springs, get new costumes and gear up for your next battle.



The transporting NPC, Lute, is located in the far-end of G Castle. He’ll help out by teleporting you to various areas of the G Castle and even other fields of the twelve worlds.




This weapon shop is run by a Shampuru, who sells weapons and armors. He also helps out by upgrading your equipment and several material augmenting options. Material are used to add status ups and other effects upon equipping them.



You can purchase maid outfits and pirate clothes at the costume shops. Not only will costumes change your appearance, but they also have an effect on the stats the characters get when they level up.


In addition to the costume shop, there’s also a salon, where you can customize your own characters by selecting job classes and configuring their icon images.



The Shampuru that runs the hot springs will give you options on what type of shampoo and soap you’d like to use, which can give you various status ups depending on the combination you choose to go with. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Compile Heart game without bathing scenes. The hot springs will have a mini-game where you’ll get to give massages to your characters.


There are also other miscellaneous places in G Castle, where you can check out your records and configure your victory poses, and special fields that lets you visit the Mugen Field. In Mugen Souls the Mugen Field was a similar feature to the Item World in Disgaea games, where you can explore dungeons that has a difficulty which varied according to your progress of the game. It was mainly used as a way to level up while getting gold and Mugen Points.


Mugen Souls Z is slated to be released on April 25th for PlayStation 3.

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