Here’s A Translated Guide To Get You Started On Dragon Quest of the Stars

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Dragon Quest of the Stars launched yesterday in Japan, and it has already topped one million downloads. For those of you who’d like to check the game out for yourselves, Siliconera put together a translated guide to get you started.


The following guide is made from YouTube user Takamasa Suzuki, who put together a few videos for the earlier parts of the game, which is currently available to download for Android and iPhone in Japanese. While the game may be blocked to download in your country, there are various apps out there such as QooApp that makes it possible to download foreign games.


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Once you get the game,  you’ll want to start out by pressing the green button on the bottom-right to download all files, followed by the yellow button on the right to confirm the download.


From here, you’ll want to use a VPN of your choice to set your IP to a Japanese one. If you want to be safe, I kept mine on until I got to the first dungeon, but you can take it off once you get to the world map.


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The game starts you out with the character create, where you’ll start out by picking your character’s height and gender. Next, you’ll want to press the green button on the right to customize your looks. The one on the left will allow the game to do it for you and the orange one will select the look that you have at the moment.



The next part will prompt you to select out of your hairstyle, hair color, face, eye color, and skin tone. Once you’re done, it’ll take you back to the screen with the two green buttons, and you’ll want to press the orange one to complete it, then name your character.



The story starts out with your character and a couple others found washed up ashore by the rabbit named Mogamaru and his Slime friend Slappi. Mogamaru will guide you throughout your adventure.


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He’ll prompt you to touch the screen’s “?” mark to get to town. Once you do, you’ll need to take a little walk, and you know how your first walks in any Dragon Quest goes—battles. This “walk” is listed as Lv. 1, and it’ll consume 2 stamina and require 2 battles. Press the yellow button to continue.


2015-10-16_091246 2015-10-16_091359

Since you only have three people including your own character, you’ll need to get help from one more NPC to make a party of four. You can simply go by their weapon type, class rank, or appearances, the choice is yours. The next menu will have you set four items on the top part, while the bottom part will let you pick foods for the trip.


Items such as Medicinal Herbs can help you out in battle when you need them, and foods such as bread pieces will boost your party’s maximum HP. You won’t have any to start, but will get more than enough later.


2015-10-16_091735 2015-10-16_091836

Most of the fighting is done through auto-attacks, so you won’t have to worry about much. The big buttons are the “Skill Buttons,” and they can be used once they fill up by a simple press. These vary from special attacks to magic attacks. The bottom grayed out one is for using items. When there are multiple monsters, you can press on any of them to select a target.


The ones under them have abilities such as “Defend Lv. 1” as blue shields. The one in green says ホイミ (Hoimi) which is the “Heal” spell in Japanese. These appear to be supports, debuffs, and other non-direct attack skills.


You can check here for the complete list of Japanese spells and their translations, but here are some of the more basic ones:

  • ホイミ = Heal
  • ベホイミ = Midheal
  • ベホマ = Fullheal
  • スカラ= Buff
  • スクルト = Kabuff
  • ルカニ = Sap
  • ルカナン = Kasap
  • ラリホー = Snooze
  • ピオリム = Acceleratle
  • キアリー = Squelch



You can pull off combo hits by waiting for more than one character to get their skill up and press them consecutively.


Once you get to town, Mogamaru will instruct you to go to his place, and he’ll give you some gems, which can be used to open treasure boxes for rare items. Gems can be acquired through bonuses, events, or micro-transactions.


2015-10-16_093117 2015-10-16_093140

Next, he’ll prompt you to look at your party set up by pressing the “Home” button on the bottom left. By pressing the green button, you can take a look at your characters and their stats. Press the yellow button to change equipment.


Before that, here’s how the stats are lined up:


Strength (natural) Attack
Speed Defense
Resilience Luck
Agility Current level
Maximum HP Total EXP
Magic Attack EXP Until Next Level
Healing Magic  


As far as equipment goes, it’s self-explanatory, as the symbols are represented by images, and it’ll give you number comparisons on attack for weapons, and defense for armor.


From here, you’ll get to continue with the story and travel towards your next destination.


2015-10-16_094742 2015-10-16_094813

You’ll soon encounter your very first dungeon. Once you click it, you’ll see the number of floors along with numbers for their recommended level, stamina consumption, and battles. The scroll icon shows a look at the boss drops and bonuses that come from various requirements such as “kill the boss with a skill finish,” “clear without using any items,” “clear without dying once,” and so on.



Dungeons are pretty similar to the rest of the fights for the most part, except they have bosses and extra loot. Bosses also have the ability to use skills, which can be seen through their own cooldown timer above their heads. This is when defensive and supportive skills might come in handy.


And that about covers the basics of the game. Good luck on your adventures!

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