Here’s How Cait Sith Looks in FFVII Ever Crisis
Image via Square Enix and Applibot

Here’s How Cait Sith Looks in FFVII Ever Crisis

On April Fools’ Day 2024, Square Enix teased Reeve Tuesti for FFVII Ever Crisis, before confirming that it is really Cait Sith joining the playable cast on April 3, 2024. Now it offered an additional update sharing the official art and some screenshots of the character as he’ll appear in-game on social media

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First, here’s the official character portrait for Cait Sith. You’ll see it used alongside any text boxes where he speaks in chapters in FFVII Ever Crisis. 

Next, here is the official “story” character model and a screenshot of Cait Sith in the FFVII Ever Crisis version of the Gold Saucer. Whenever there’s a story scene, this model comes up.

Finally, here’s the in-battle model for the character. This is the most detailed of the three. The additional image here shows how he looks when performing the Dice Limit Break attack. 

Whenever Square Enix and Applibot announce new playable characters for FFVII Ever Crisis, the companies share art to introduce them. For example, we got to see how Yuffie looks in the overworld, during story scenes, and in-battle ahead of her debut. It happened with the First Soldier version of young Sephiroth too. This means we’ll likely also see this happen with Cid and Vincent in the FFVII story chapters sometime in 2024 too. 

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available for the PC and mobile devices, and Cait Sith will be playable on April 3, 2024 worldwide and April 4, 2024 in Japan.

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