Earlier this year at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony and Capcom announced a new Monster Hunter Portable 3rd branded PSP-3000 model, with its very own serial number: PSP-3000 MHB, for 19,800 yen.


Beyond just aesthetic changes, the “Hunter’s Model” PSP also comes with an improved concave analog nub, as well as a higher-capacity battery, which means longer hunting sessions without the need to recharge.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that PSP sales shot up during the week of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd’s release, climbing to an astounding 323,653 units. What’s interesting is that about half that number consisted of Hunter’s Model PSPs, which sold 166,000 units during the week.


Every single one of those Hunter’s Model buyers had to buy the game separately as well — the Hunter’s Model pack only includes the PSP itself, not the actual game.


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