Here’s How Shovel Knight Will Size Up In Indivisible

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It seems that the Indiegogo campaign for Lab Zero’s upcoming RPG Indivisible got some momentum recently as a bunch of new Incarnation reveals have arrived as the money rises rapidly.


But, first of all, we know that characters from other indie games will appear in Indivisible, and so Lab Zero has illustrated how a couple of them will size up in the game.


You can see above how Shovel Knight (from, er, Shovel Knight) will look. And below you can see how Juan (from Guacamelee) will look:


Now, since George was revealed for hitting the $600,000 mark in funding, three more Incarnates have been revealed as the funding shot up from there and way past $750,000. Here’s how they look:


Baozhai of the Black Jade



A true demon of the sea, Baozhai of the Black Jade and her armada are feared and despised by the naval fleets of both the Iron Kingdom and the Jade Dynasty. Though said to be a crude, ruthless pirate, she calls herself an entrepreneur. For years her crews have routinely attacked illicit Soma shipping routes and blockaded ports involved with the Soma drug trade. Many believe she simply steals for her own gain, yet rumors of a more humanitarian motive persist.

Neither empire have yet been able to hinder her, but the sea can be a cruel mistress indeed. A recent encounter with a massive sea monster decimated her forces and destroyed many of their vessels. Land-locked but not deterred, Baozhai is determined to rebuild a new crew and head back out to sea.



The adopted son of a prominent Iron Kingdom nobleman, growing up among the upper class of the capital hasn’t left Antoine curious about his origins. His skill with a blade and knack for diplomacy made him an ideal candidate for ambassadorship, and he’s found himself well suited for the role.
Despite his best efforts, some areas of the empire’s expanding domain have proven uncooperative. Unrest is growing, and rumors of a pending revolt led by a rising underclass leader have made the Iron Kingdom nervous enough to dispatch Antoine to speak with them personally. But unlike his previous diplomatic assignments, this upcoming meeting fills him with unease…



From the moment she received her first oud as a child, everyone knew Zahra was destined for greatness. As she grew older, her fame in the region also grew, and stories of her music inspiring heroes in battle, entrancing wild beasts, and even helping a barren woman to conceive, began to spread.

The leader of a nearby tribe caught wind of this and sought to use her skills to his own advantage. Thinking he could use her music to inspire his warriors to victory, he kidnapped her and pressed her into service. But Zahra’s sullen song on the eve of battle affected him so deeply that he negotiated peace with his rivals that very night.

She now wanders the land, going where her heart takes her, hoping to spread joy to all through song.

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