wuthering waves sanhua build guide
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Here’s How to Build Sanhua in Wuthering Waves

Sanhua is a 4-star Glacio Sword character who you can build to be both a main attacker and a sub-DPS. Like fellow Glacio character Lingyang, while Sanhua is a great sub-DPS thanks to her Outro Skill, she really requires player experience and skill when it comes to timing her special Heavy Attack to shine.

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Here are the Best Sanhua Weapons in Wuthering Waves

wuthering waves sanhua weapons build guide
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  • Emerald of Genesis
    • Emerald of Genesis is a 5-star Sword that can increase Energy Regeneration, as well as her ATK after she uses her Resonance Skill. Both of these are quite useful for Sanhua. Her Resonance Liberation in particular helps her to create an ice construct which she can later Detonate.
  • Lunar Cutter
    • Lunar Cutter gives Oath stacks to the wearer, with each stack increasing Sanhua’s ATK. She does lose this stack after time, but she can gain more when she defeats an enemy. This is the best weapon if you plan on using Sanhua in content that has a lot of weak enemies, such as when farming for materials.
  • Commando of Conviction
    • Commando of Conviction is a very good weapon for Sanhua. It increases her ATK when you use her Intro Skill. While her Outro Skill is much better, her Intro Skill can still create an ice construct. It’s also good for when you’re rotating in battle.
  • Lumingloss
    • Lumingloss increases Sanhua’s Basic Attack and Heavy Attack DMG after she uses her Resonance Skill. Because her Detonate counts as Heavy Attack DMG, it’s very helpful to boost it using Lumingloss.
  • Sword of Voyager
    • Sword of Voyager is another good weapon for Sanhua because of its Energy Regen main stat. It also helps to lessen any downtime on her Resonance Liberation, as she can restore Resonance Energy when she uses a Resonance Skill. It should be easier to R5 as well, since it’s not as rare as some of the other weapons on this list.

These are the Best Sanhua Echoes in Wuthering Waves

wuthering waves sanhua build guide echoes
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Echoes that work well with Sanhua’s kit should have the Moonlit Clouds, Lingering Tunes, or Freezing Frost Sonata Effects. If you’re building Sanhua for a sub-DPS, you should give her a 5-piece of Moonlit Clouds in order to take advantage of her crazy Outro Skill. If you want to focus more on Sanhua’s personal damage, a combination of Lingering Tunes and Freezing Frost or a 5-pc of Freezing Frost are the best sets.

When choosing your Echoes, prioritize her Crit stats (Crit Rate and Crit DMG), ATK %, and Glacio DMG. You can also equip something with Energy Regen if you don’t have any of the other stats. Below is a list of all the Echoes that can grant the above Sonata Effects.

Freezing Frost (2-pc: Glacio DMG+; 5-pc Increase Glacio DMG even further after using Basic or Heavy Attack)

  • Lampylumen Myriad (4)
  • Autopuppet Scout (3)
  • Roseshroom (3)
  • Tambourinist (3)
  • Excarat (1)
  • Fusion Prism (1)
  • Glacio Predator (1)
  • Glacio Prism (1)
  • Gulpuff (1)
  • Hoartoise (1)
  • Sabyr Boar 91)

Lingering Tunes (2-pc: ATK+; 5-pc: Increase ATK and Outro Skill DMG)

  • Mech Abomination (4)
  • Chasm Guardian (3)
  • Flautist (3)
  • Spearback (3)
  • Diamondclaw (1)
  • Fusion Prism (1)
  • Hooscamp (1)
  • Snip Snap ()
  • Tick Tack (1)
  • Vanguard Junrock (1)
  • Young Geohide Saurian (1)
  • Zig Zag (1)

Moonlit Clouds (2-pc: Energy Regen+; 5-pc Increase ATK of next Resonator after Outro Skill)

  • Bell-Borne Geochelone (4)
  • Impermanence Heron (4)
  • Chaserazor (3)
  • Geohide Saurian (3)
  • Spearback (3)
  • Stonewall Bracer (3)
  • Cruisewing (1)
  • Diamondclaw (1)
  • Fission Junrock (1)
  • Glacio Prism (1)
  • Sabyr Boar (1)
  • Whiff Whaff (1)
  • Zig Zag (1)

Wuthering Waves is available on Windows PC and mobile devices. Sanhua is a free character players can get when they log in for five days, but she is also available via the game’s gacha.

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