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Here’s More Of Moon Diver’s Odd Cast


Square Enix have been revealing more of Moon Diver’s cast on their Downloadable Games Facebook page. Today’s character compilation includes the other two members of the Moon Diver squad (you can find the first two here), as well as two of the villains.


As with the other characters, some of these descriptions are downright bizarre.





Tolby is a 14-year-old boy living in Naples who prevails over the city Mafia. He’s intoxicated by his powers, which grow on a daily basis. Tolby “runs all over Mount Vesuvius and sleeps off his efforts at the top of the cathedral.”


Square Enix say Tolby is obsessed with understanding where his powers come from, and he’s certain he must have them for an important reason. They point out that he sometimes looks innocent “like a little girl” even during battle.



Ourion comes from a strong family, the ancestors of which are thought to turn into spirits that will fight together with the living in the face of humankind’s destruction. He’s ordered to defeat Faust, the Demon King, by the head of his family.



Faust is Moon Diver’s primary antagonist. Despite the fact that he’s a kid, he’s known as the “Demon King” and is hellbent on destroying the world. There’s more to his description, but we can’t make head or tail of it from Square’s description of Faust…maybe you’ll have better luck:


“Behind the actions of the protagonist of Goethe’s tragedy “Faust” is the devil known as Mephistopheles. This devil’s appearance is the genesis of all that follows. Yet behind this boy by the same name is no such devilish influence. The utter despair that grips the world has rendered the devil himself mute. The world is stumbling blind, at the mercy of this almighty youth’s every whim.”




And finally, we come to Silence, a traitor to the Moon Divers. Silence is — get this — a Californian college student who works part-time while studying at Stanford Faculty of Engineering. By night, however, he’s a master of espionage.


While Silence isn’t with the Moon Divers, whom he left after developing doubts regarding the war against Faust, he isn’t aligned with Faust either. Square Enix say the question of whose side he’s on is one of the game’s mysteries.

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