Here’s What Square Enix’s Outriders Will Look and Play Like

People Can Fly and Square Enix have blown open the curtains regarding their upcoming cooperative shooter, Outriders. Earlier today, a reveal livestream for the game was broadcasted on Youtube, Twitter, and other social media sources.

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In Outriders, you can play with up to two other players in a story set in a dark sci-fi, “nightmarish” universe. Mankind is dying out on the planet Enoch, and you’ll create your own Outrider in order to venture across the treacherous planet and fight against “The Anomaly.” Here’s a look at the game’s story and world below:

According to Bartosz Kmita and Joshua Rubin, the Game Director and Lead Writer on Outriders, respectively, The Anomaly affects everything on the planet Enoch, tearing most beings apart, but “rebuilding” some with mythical powers. That’s how your Outrider ends up getting their special abilities and the planet turns from a lush, green, Earth replacement into a vicious land.

The game will have a strong focus on its story, with 90 minutes of cutscenes and an additional two hours of sidequest cutscenes. If you’re playing with others, they’ll appear in the background of the cutscenes, gear and all.

Here’s a look at what RPG customization will be like:

The Outriders truck is essentially your base camp and home. If you’re playing with others, you’ll be able to create a convoy of trucks. You can customize your truck with things like trophies, such as adding a monster’s head to the front.

Apart from the Outriders trucks, there’ll be hub towns with sidequests and shops as well.

Next, here’s a look at classes and powers:

There are four classes, with three of them introduced in the trailer. Pyromancers command volcanic energy and fire, while Tricksters can warp around and manipulate time. Devastators use the power of earth to cause large destruction. As for the fourth class, it’s currently a secret.

Finally, here’s some gameplay from the livestream:

Equipment in this game will be classed by rarity, and loot can be created using the Scrap resource. Buying and selling equipment from vendors is an alternative to picking up loot from enemies as well.

As you open up new areas, you’ll be able to fast travel between the areas as soon as you’ve captured the area.

Finally, here’s the official reveal trailer below:

Outriders will come to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC in time for the 2020 holiday season.

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