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Here’s What Tetsuya Nomura Has To Say About the Mysterious Ending of Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Ending Tetsuya Nomura

As a warning, there are spoilers for the ending of Final Fantasy VII Remake and other various points of the game in this article.

With the release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania, new information is surfacing not only about the characters, but also about what the developers have to say about numerous parts of the game. Translations have been posted online by Twitter user aitaikimochi regarding multiple aspects of the game. These have included potential theories and connections established throughout the Final Fantasy VII Compilation. [Thanks, Audrey!]

Director Tetsuya Nomura had this to say about the ending of Final Fantasy VII Remake:

Initially there was another sentence that we were going to put, but due to various circumstances we decided to change it to what it is now. Kitase told me there should be something that connects to what lies beyond the ending.

Nomura says this in reference to the message that appears once the player has finished watching the final cutscene of Final Fantasy VII Remake. “The Unknown Journey Will Continue,” seems ominous enough and with Nomura’s statement, it seems like there is a lot of room to speculate.

Twitter user aitaikimochi also shared translations of statements from both Nomura and Nojima regarding the development of the scenario for Final Fantasy VII Remake. Nojima mentions that “the story is about Cloud, the works from the “Compilation of Final Fantasy VII” have greatly increased over the years” and that he “wanted to make something that takes all of those works and combines it into one.” You can read the full answer below.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available for the PlayStation 4. Check out more details on the Ultimania in our previous report.

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