Here’s What Yanqing Can Do in Honkai Star Rail

Here’s What Yanqing Can Do in Honkai Star Rail

HoYoVerse offered details about the moveset for another Honkai Star Rail character. It is continuing its trend of focusing on folks who are onboard the Xianzhou Luofu. This time, the focus is a five-star Honkai Star Rail character called Yanqing. He’s an Ice type on the Hunt path.

Yanqing is a Xianzhou Luofu lieutenant in charge of helping Jing Yuan run the starship. As expected from someone on the Hunt path, this is an aggressive character. His moveset focuses on dealing damage. Many of his attacks boost his speed or make his critical hits more effective. As Hunt characters also focus on single enemies, people shouldn’t expect AOE damage out of him. He’s joined on the same ship as people like Tingyun and Fu Xuan.

Here’s the full Yanqing Honkai Star Rail official moveset, as well as descriptions for his traces and skills.

  • Cold Light, Cold Blade (Basic Attack): When releasing Basic Attack, Yanqing attacks an enemy and deals Ice DMG to them.
  • Drakestoning Edge (Skill): After releasing Skill, Yanqing remotely controls his sword to attack an enemy, dealing Ice DMG to the enemy and activating Empathic Sword Link for 1 turn.
  • Frozen Boon (Trace): After activating this Trace, when Yanqing attacks, he deals additional Ice DMG to enemies with Ice Weakness.
  • Head Held High (Trace): After activating this Trace, when Empathic Sword Link is active, Yanqing’s Effect RES increases.
  • Steppe Steel (Trace): After activating this Trace, when a CRIT Hit is triggered, Yang’s SPD increases.
  • Swallow’s Pluvious Pursuit (Ultimate): After using Ultimate, Yanqing’s CRIT Rate is increased. If Yanqing is under the Empathic Sword Link effect, Yanqing’s CRIT DMG is increased for 1 turn. Then Yanqing travels on his sword and deals Ice DMG to an enemy.

Yanqing is voiced by Amber May in English, and he’s played by Marina Inoue in Japanese.

Honkai Star Rail is in development for PCs and mobile devices, and the final closed beta will begin on February 10, 2023.

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