What's Coming in FFXIV 7.0
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Here’s What’s Coming in Final Fantasy XIV 7.0

Dawntrail, the fifth expansion for the critically acclaimed MMORPG FFXIV, is coming out in Summer 2024. The release marks the beginning of the 7.x line of patches, starting with 7.0. Here’s what we know is coming in Final Fantasy XIV 7.0 and beyond.

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What is Final Fantasy XIV update 7.0 bringing with it?

One of the biggest changes coming in 7.0 is a level cap increase. As of Endwalker‘s release in December 2021, the level cap has been set at 90—Final Fantasy XIV 7.0 boosts this to 100.

Another notable change is a graphical overhaul. Significant tweaks to lighting and textures are on the way, breathing new life into character models, locations, dungeons, and more. This does mean that the FFXIV system requirements are changing slightly.

Other content coming in Final Fantasy XIV 7.0 and 7.x includes:

  • Tural, The New World continent.
  • New hub city, Tuliyollal.
  • New location, Urqopacha.
  • New location, Yak T’el.
  • Pelupelu Allied Tribe from Final Fantasy X.
  • Two new DPS Jobs—Unknown, but they are confirmed to be ranged magic and melee.
  • New core battle content.
  • An update to Duty Support.
  • New Raids, including an 8-man Raid and an Ultimate Raid.
  • Blue Mage updates.
  • New Normal and Hard Dungeons.
  • New Variant Dungeons.
  • New gear.
  • New recipes.
  • Eyeglasses added as a new gear type. Can be equipped alongside headgear.
  • Dye limit raised to two per gear piece.
  • Furnishing limit increase.
  • More Hildibrand Adventures.
  • Gold Saucer updates.
  • Deep Dungeon updates.
  • PVP updates, including Crystalline Conflict and Frontline.
  • Valigarmanda boss battle. From Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy XIV is available to play now on the PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 and is coming to Xbox Series X in Spring 2024. A paid subscription is required. Patch 7.0 and the Dawntrail expansion will arrive in Summer 2024.

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