Hero & Daughter+ To Be The First Fully Translated Japanese RPG Maker Game On Steam

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Hero & Daughter+ is to be the first fully translated Japanese RPG Maker game on Steam. It arrives on February 18th.


It won the top prize at the NikoNiko Indie Game Festival where it also received high praise from Koichi Nakamura, the creator of the Dragon Quest series and Mystery Dungeon: Shiren The Wanderer.


Here’s the story summary:


“Meet Ralph: He’s the greatest hero who’s ever lived. That is until the king tricks him into drinking a potion that reduces him to level 1 and stops him from gaining experience. Tasked with defeating a great evil, our level-1 hero is forced to rely on the strengths of a variety of strong women summoned by a friendly “haremancer.” It’s a zany, fun-filled adventure of love, romance, and learning that strength isn’t just about how high a level you are.”


Hero & Daughter+ has over 30 beautiful, talented, and magical girls for you to summon in battle. You can also decorate Ralph’s home and invite the girls over to test their strength, romance, and perhaps take one for a steamy trip to the hotsprings.


It’s a game that focuses on character interactions with lots of special scenes for each playable character. Outside of that, the main storyline should provide around 10 hours worth of play. But there are also the 9,999 levels of the Challenge Tower to beat.

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