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Hero must die. again Has Players Living The Final Five Days Before The Hero’s Death


Those of you who played PlayStation Vita games might remember an RPG titled Yuusha Shisu (Hero’s Death), a Nippon Ichi Software remake of a mobile phone RPG created by Shoji Masuda (known for the Oreshika series). After no news about a Western release for three years, publisher Degica has announced the game for PC release via Steam with English subs in Spring 2020.

In Hero must die. again, players assume the role of a Hero who gave his life to defeat the evil demon lord Guile, but a kindly angel allows him five days to sort out his affairs before dying permanently. However, just defeating Guile hasn’t rid the world of problems, and even your former allies have new struggles to deal with. Depending on your actions in those five days, who visits your funeral and how remembered you are will change, with over 50 different endings to achieve.

While you start at your strongest on the first day, the Hero will lose his strength and stats, and even forget his spells as the time limit draws closer. You’ll be unable to equip the best equipment, and rely on allies more as you grow weaker.

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Hero must die. again will release on PC via Steam in Spring 2020. The game is available in Japan on PlayStation Vita.

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