Heroes Never Lose Could Come To Wii U, PS4 If Funding Is Raised



If you think superhero-themed Puyo Puyo has a ring to it then you might want to check out Heroes Never Lose, which is is currently on Kickstarter.


It’s an action puzzler in which you go head-to-head against a superhero or villain. You have to match blocks of the same color to deal blows and strikes (sends blocks to your opponent’s grid), but what you’re really after are large combos and chains as that gets you closer to unleashing your hero’s superpower.


One of the main goals of the team behind Heroes Never Lose is to ensure that each playable character allows for different strategies. One superhero’s power may be Blizzard, which freezes their opponent’s blocks, while another may have Inferno, which sees a fire spreading and burning their blocks. There are plenty more, of course.


The story is simple stuff as you’d expect: The villainous Professor Puzzler has another ploy and the superheroes attempt to stop him but have to fight through his villains first. Heroes Never Lose will support online multiplayer to go alongside its single player mode, too.


The game has already met its funding goal of $9000 on Kickstarter, but there are stretch goals in place for those interested in funding the game to pursue. Mac and Linux versions will be available at $10,000, while Android, iPhone, Wii U, and PS4 ports sit up higher.


If you pledge $10 CAD you can get a DRM-free digital copy of the game, and there’s also beta access, art books, and posters to get for higher pledges as well. If you want more information on Heroes Never Lose then check out its website.

Chris Priestman